Video – Building Better Relationships – A Better Relationship With Your God – 8:15 am

Worship Service – 8:15 AM

Sermon Series: “Building Better Relationships”

Sermon or Video Title: “A Better Relationship With Your God”

This June 22 will make 30 years that Elizabeth and I have been a couple. Be clear, our Wedding Anniversary in June will mark 28 years. But we got married exactly 2 years after we started dating…. Took her to see Batman with Michael Keaton, been together ever since. I can’t tell you the moment I fell in love with her, but can tell you the moment I realized I was in love with her. She had come up to visit me while I was in seminary, flew up, good weekend, time to fly back, took her to airport, put her on the plane, left, turned on radio, first thing was about a plane crash…

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