Forms and Documents

Facility Request

Mauldin First Baptist facilities are available for personal events. To use one of our facilities please fill out our Facility Request form at least four weeks prior to your event date.

Wedding Policies and Fees

Weddings are a very special day and we are so glad you have decided to use Mauldin First Baptist as the place for your ceremony.  To book and confirm your date please take the following steps:

  • Pick up a wedding application at the office or download our online version. Once completed, please return to the church office for processing.
  • Read our wedding policies.
  • Review our price list. I am an Active Member. I am a Non-Active Member.
  • Confirm the desired date with the minister’s calendar by checking with the church office. Make sure to consult with other ministers you would like to be involved.

Scheduling for weddings is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Dates for non-members will be set no more than three months in advance.

Equipment User Fees

To use the equipment of Mauldin First Baptist please choose the correct form below for pricing.

An active member/participant of this church is one who contributes financially on a regular basis to the support of the church’s ministries.

All fees must be paid 1 week prior to the event. For questions, please contact the Facilities Director. Use the contact form, or call 864-288-7835.

Church and Van Request

If you need to request a church van or vehicle for a church related activity, please use the form below. Once completed,  print the form and deliver it to the Facilities Director.  These vehicles are available to church members only.