Mauldin First Baptist accepts the call to be an Acts 1:8 Mission church.

Jesus said, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

Local Mission Opportunites

Opportunity Servant Hearts that are Needed
Adults Youth
Bridging the Gap
Habitat for Humanity
Spring – April & May
Soup Kitchen at Triune Mercy Center
Every 4th Saturday year-round
Vacation Bible School
Church Without Walls
Miracle League
April & May
Guardian Ad Litem
Good News Club at Bethel Elementary
Once per week August through April
Meals on Wheels
FBCM Food Crisis Closet
Golden Strip Emergency Relief & Resource Agency

Regional Mission Opportunities

Opportunity Servant Hearts that are Needed
Adults Youth
Learn to share the Gospel while face-painting/making balloon shapes
Assist with Assault on Mt. Mitchell (bike ride)
Assist with national fast-pitch softball tournament in Moore, South Carolina
Learn to PLARN (crochet with plastic bags)

Note: These opportunities are in partnership with the Spartanburg Baptist Network.

Mission Sponsor/Partnerships


  • Andrew Tran, Greenville Cru Campus Ministries
  • Soup Kitchen at Triune Mercy Center
  • Good News Club at Bethel Elementary
  • Golden Strip Emergency Relief and Resource Center


  • Habitat for Humanity


  • Hair Kelley, Associate Pastor/Campus Minister at The Foundry Church, Wallingford, Pennsylvania


  • Philip and Heather Enoch, Africa Inland Mission, Rift Valley, Kenya
  • Pastor Andy Ciloes, Hope Vision Ministries and Orphanage, Port DePaix, Haiti
  • Lauren Brown, Youth With A Mission, currently serving in Germany

More International Mission Opportunities

True devotion, the kind that is pure and faultless before God the Father, is this: to care for orphans and widows in their difficulties…” James 1:27

Mauldin First Baptist’s primary commitment to International Missions is with Hope Vision Orphanage in Port-de-Paix, Haiti.  We support the orphans in a variety of ways at their present location. We are also financially and physically assisting in the construction of a new orphanage outside the city. We typically send 2 mission groups per year – one in the spring and one in the fall.

Past facility construction/improvement –Activities have included digging footings, installing solar panels, setting up a computer lab, installing wiring for a new dorm for girls.

Past activities with the orphans include:

  • Games (jump rope, pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey)
  • Arts (coloring, making paper decorations)
  • Friday Feast
  • Leading large group devotions with all ages
  • Leading small group devotions with older boys and girls
  • Providing career-building skills to older boys (carpentry, electrical)

Past Gospel outreach activities in the community include:

  • Conducting VBS activities at nearby church
  • Traveling to the island of Tortuga to make home visits, invite to church
  • Delivering Bibles written in Creole