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Video – You’ve Gotta Have It: Humility

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I can still remember her putting down the phone. I can still see the disappointment in her face. I can still hear her crying as she ran out of the room. One of the ladies where I worked, call her “Melissa”, was getting married. I think most women dream about the day they will get married. Not only about the man, good to have one up there I guess, but the way the sanctuary will be decorated, what she and the bride’s maids will be wearing, the flowers, the music… well Melissa …Watch the video to learn more!

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Video – God and Country Day

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Don’t you love 4th of July? So thankful for our country! Greatest in the world. Great because of all our great blessings and great freedoms. So many of our founding fathers were so brave, so wise, and so godly. Men like, Washington, Franklin, Adams, Thomas Jefferson. Thomas Jefferson, prolific writer, wrote our Declaration of Independence, wrote over 19,000 letters in his lifetime, today would be a blogger, wrote a lot, people wrote to him, he wrote back, one woman, Sarah Grotjan, wrote that she named her son Thomas Jefferson Grotjan, wrote to Jefferson, asking her to write a letter to her son, to give him advice… Jefferson wrote…

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