Video – Amazing Exercises for 2019 – Try a New Relationship – 10:45 am

Worship Service – 10:45 AM

Sermon Series: “New (not really) Amazing Exercises”

Sermon or Video Title: “Try a New Relationship”

What have you said “no” to lately? You’ve probably said “no” more than you realize. Email/Spam, more than 100 a day. Advertising, “call today”, by not doing it, said no, Cravings/urges, no,

Actually, a lot of good in this, can’t do or be everything… but have you said yes to something new lately? Need to once in a while.

Here’s why this is important for you and for us: Last week, talked about how God does new things all the time. And if you say no to EVERYTHING, then you’ll miss out on the new things God has planned for you. Don’t want to do that, do you?

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