Video – Amazing Exercises for 2019 – Prepare for a Fight – 8:15 am

Worship Service – 8:15 AM

Sermon Series: “New (not really) Amazing Exercises”

Sermon or Video Title: “Prepare for a Fight”

During January, trying to give you some “exercises” to try that can make an amazing difference in your life. Not physical, but spiritual. Things like reading Bible/praying everyday, trying some thing new, being open to new things because God does new things, and then trying a new relationship… the whole idea is this… get out there… engage! Put your faith into practice. Be careful that yours and mine and ours is not just a “Sunday Faith”, play, speak and act the part here at church, but actually doing these things and applying them in our world and work and relationships.

Contact the church office for a copy of this video and for pricing. To order, please use this reference number: 313652191.