Video – God Loved God Gave – God Gave An Invitation to the World – 10:45 AM Service

By December 23, 2018All Video, God Loved God Gave

Worship Service – 10:45 AM

Sermon Series: “God Loved God Gave”

Sermon or Video Title: “God Gave An Invitation to the World”

Imagine if you were driving to New Orleans and all the way along the interstate, you saw a line of people holding hands…mile after mile after mile…from here to the Georgia state line, all the way down to Atlanta, past Atlanta, all the way into Alabama, into Montgomery, down to Mobile and all the way to New Orleans, and all the way, the line never stops, people stretching the entire way holding hands. About 14 years ago, a human chain like this happened, but not from Greenville to New Orleans. But in Bangladesh, over in South Asia, just east of India. The people of Bangladesh felt there was too much corruption in their government and decided to protest. Bangladesh is a young country, about 75 years old, and it’s a poor country. Most people live in extreme poverty and suffer through natural disasters like floods and cyclones. They wanted to send a message to their leaders that things were not okay and it was time for a change. Most of the people in Bangladesh are Muslims (the peaceful kind) and were not inclined to violence. So they decided to link hands in a human chain as a visual protest to the poor government. And on December 11, 2004, over 5 million people joined hands stretching across the country (literally! From the northern tip to the most southern part of the country) over 650 miles long, establishing the Guinness World Record for the longest human chain ever assembled.

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