As we approach the upcoming election, we are offering the following non-partisan information in hopes to make the voting process easier for everyone.
It is VERY IMPORTANT that we ALL vote in the upcoming election! There are SIGNIFICANT differences in the platforms, beliefs, and values of the two major political parties and their candidates, and in the direction, they promise to take our country.
VOTING IS EASIER AND MORE CONVENIENT THAN EVER BEFORE! If you do not want to wait until the one day designated as Election Day, November 3, any registered voter can vote early in person at several different locations. This early voting period begins Monday, October 5, and continues every weekday thru October 30.
EARLY VOTING IS A GREAT OPTION! This way you can avoid waiting in line at your voting precinct, concern about exposure to COVID, or your safety if there are demonstrations. Also, there could be bad weather that one day or a health issue could hinder your voting.
  1. In Simpsonville, a registered voter with a picture ID can vote at the Activity and Senior Center, 310 West Curtis St, 29681, weekdays anytime between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4:30 pm.
  2. Another location for early voting is the Greenville County Elections office at 301 University Ridge, Suite 1900, Greenville, 29601. This location is at the intersection of Church and University Ridge streets in the middle section of the county government office building. Weekday hours are 8:30 to 5 pm, and there is plenty of parking.
ANOTHER OPTION IS TO VOTE ABSENTEE! This allows a voter to receive a ballot by mail and is good for someone who just cannot get to a location in person. The use of this option requires that you get approved IN ADVANCE before voting. Info on this procedure can be found by googling “Greenville County voting/absentee ballot”. A registered voter can actually authorize another person to act on their behalf in securing approval to vote this way.
ACTING SOONER IS BETTER, especially if you use the mail to vote absentee. PLEASE pass this info along to family members, friends, neighbors, co-workers. Being able to vote in our country is not just a privilege, but also a duty. Please contact Mark Stewart (, or 864-444-5061) for additional assistance.